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Sexually, men are more easily stimulated visually than by anything else, and so with their eyes on a woman, there are basically two camps of men in this regard:

A leg man is a connoisseur of the female form who essentially appreciates the legs more than the bust. I don't think it has so much to do with a fetish, its just that in these times many men are turned on by big boobs or even just the sight of them, but many others are just as attracted by a shapely pair of legs on a woman.

Leg men are not always restricted to just the legs imo, I think the shape of a woman below the waist in general is very appealing to them: the bum, legs, ankles, feet.. any or all of those are visually stimulating. The idea of men falling into categories depending upon their preferences can adversely affect women's perceptions of themselves, but its one of those things. I'm a leg man myself and pretty much the entire effect and shape of the female form gets me going.

Note to those who haven't heard the terms before: I'm not making this up, leg man and tit man are known types. B)

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