Level grinding is the process, in a computer or console Role Playing Game of fighting enemies with the point of gaining experience points and therefore levels. As the term "grinding" implies, it can be a somewhat monotonous project, done to build up strength before an especially hard boss. Depending on the game, level grinding can be a relatively painless process, or truly, truly painful. In some games, the enemies ground against might be somewhat challenging, while in others they may be truly weak and boring, and may have the same hold down a button method of beating them, for hours at a time.

Level grinding is one of the main things that turns people away from console RPGs. For people who go to video games for speed and verve and instant gratification, the idea of choosing an option from a menu for a few hours is incomprehensible as a means of recreation. But one of the secrets of the true RPG fan is that level grinding is not something they go through: the flashy boss battles and unending cut scenes are just an excuse for the almost soothing process of grinding up in levels. Perhaps, despite their monotony, it is nice to know that repeated efforts will lead to some benefits, no matter how long it takes and how minor the benefits are: something that we are not at all assured of in real life.

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