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For some reason this came to me one day, so I made it my default 404 page (best seen at www.toddbrandlabs.com/404.html). All relations to Trainspotting and Adminspotting are intentional.

Choose links.
Choose HTTP.
Choose a site.
Choose a file path.
Choose a mime type.
Choose a fucking big cache, choose disk arrays the size of washing machines, DAT backups and uniterruptible power supplies.
Choose shared RAM, mem mapping, and low thread contention.
Choose fixed payment outsourced sysadmins.
Choose a starter box.
Choose your friends.
Choose /robots.txt and the google cache.
Choose Oracle Enterprise Edition to get indexes in a range of fucking pastel colors.
Choose co-location and wondering why the fuck you're in San Jose on a Sunday morning.
Choose standing in that co-lo cage plugging away at the firewall configs knowing that it won't make for shit when the script kiddies DDOS your box.
Choose litigation/liquidation at the end of it all, auctioning off your miserable servers, nothing more than a write-off to the selfish, fscked up VCs who invested in you.
Choose your platform.
Choose links.

But why would I want to do a thing like that?
I chose not to choose links.
I chose something else.
And the reasons? there are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you've got


File Not Found

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