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According to the distributers, this is a very old (but popular) beer, known as UNIX (or Maltix) beer, with a new twist. It comes (as it's predecessor did) in a 32oz can, filled to the brim - drinkers should ensure that they have a fridge capable of storing 32oz cans, even though its distributors say that Linux beer takes up very little space compared to Windows-brand beers. Best of all, most cans of this beer are actually FREE (though you wiil have to clean up yourself if you spill a can - there are many "drinkers associations" that can help you with this).

In addition, if you don't like the taste of a can, you can make your own distinct flavour, and then pass it on to your friends - This has become very popular indeed among serious beer drinkers. It also has a full list of ingredients, and drinkers say they like the way they can tell exactly how much beer they have consumed, along with other information communicated by the beer.

Linux beer is not currently drinkable simultaneously with other beers (although some say DOS beers have been reliably consumed with a special can holder), but for those who prefer the taste of the Windows-brand beers, a special "X-Windows" beer supplement can be mixed with Linux beer, which reputedly gives it the flavour of Windows beers with the strength of Linux beers - a combination that may prove popular. Linux beer is expected to attract previous drinkers of UNIX beer, as well as DOS beer drinkers who have found Windows-brand beers unpalatable and weak.

Many people already drink Linux beer alternately with a Windows-brand beer, but have not switched because they say they can't do everything they want to do while drinking Linux beer - the distributers and several devoted drinkers are working on this. Linux beer, like it's predecessor, may be drunk by many, many people at once, and can be stored in an ever-expanding number of fridges at once, too.

Try Linux beer - it's the choice of a GNU generation!

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