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"Liverwurst" is a slang term for "penis" invented by legendary director Alfred Hitchcock in his 1946 thriller/romance Spellbound. The word is a bilingual portmanteau of the German word "wers" ("to confuse or mix up") and the Aramaic word "liver" ("penis"). The film itself is best remembered for the iconic scene in which Gregory Peck offers Ingrid Bergman a choice of sandwiches. She beams into the low-angled camera and claims to desire his liverwurst instead.

In an attempt to placate critics of the explicit nature of the word as used in the film, Hitchcock subsequently created a line of tie-in liver1. sausage products and re-edited the shot to suggest that Peck's character was offering her a sandwich made of the rather nasty foodstuff. As a result, contemporary liverwurst fans often have no idea that they are, in fact, eating dick.

1. No relation.

N.B. This writeup is part of the humorous lies project.

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