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there's SO never a dull moment when you have an infestation of sprites.

Our room's gone through phases. Before we cleansed it, got rid of a vague quasi-lesser demon, it was... off somehow. We cleansed that, set up wards via a bowl of salt in each corner to each direction. We had a brief run-in with fey, but that was soon over and everything was settled.

Then it was just ... dead for a while. there was power but not too much life. We gradually attracted a friendly watcher-being who comes and goes.

most recently we've got sprites. they're *harmless*, so we let them stay, they're friendly and sometimes helpful. but they're mischevious as all get-out. they like to hide things. particularly erin's glasses, the poor dear. they'll *vanish* (the glasses, not the sprites) for a good time. we'll tear the room apart to look for them. no luck. then, without fail, they appear on top of the radio atop the tv. always there. they're also fond of taking my keys and a somewhat particular pendulum. They dont usually take random stuff, it usually follows a pattern. they steal certain items of hers; others of mine. (i also have one shirt prone to "vanishing").

this evening they stole the water bottle i keep next to the computer to make ramen and easymac. then they stole my pajama shirt. took me a good fifteen minutes to find the shirt, then it was folded in a pile of covers--one i'd already looked in about eight times.

i dont mind at all having them around, they're cheerful little beings, have good kind spirits. i just don't need help losing things; i'm good enough at that on my own.

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