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The bands and clubs in your neck of the woods. Also includes the fans, like you.

Mostly comprised of struggling, unsigned bands, that could use your support. It is very cool because you can often meet the bands and hang out with them.&The bands usually care about their fans because they don't have that many. IMHO shows are much better is small venues and crowd involvement is always fun.

Support Your Local Music Scene

Local music is, in general, a lot of fun. The interaction between the performers and the audience can be great, and boundaries between the two and broken down. Also, if you're lucky you can run across a band on their way to major success and truly claim to be an old-school fan.

The only problem is the fact that sometimes the music can suck. That's okay, that's why a lot of bands stay local. The real problem is that a large number of them can end up sounding exactly the same. 90% of the bands in my area are that sort of emo and pop-punk hybrid that has been becoming more prominent lately. Actually, some of it I like - and I hate emo. But diversity is the key. Originality.

Nonetheless, going to local shows is a good idea. Support your local scene! Have fun.

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