The Grand Funk Railroad song was also remade by Kylie Minogue in 1987 - her debut record. However Mushroom Records weren't entirely convinced, and persuaded the makers of Impulse deodorant to pay for making the video, on the premise that they could remake the footage and get a commercial out of it if the song bombed.

But it didn't bomb, and Kylie escaped the still-glamourous world of soap opera to the delight of hotpants fans everywhere.

Lo`co*mo"tion (?), n. [L. locus place + motio motion: cf. F. locomotion. See Local, and Motion.]


The act of moving from place to place. " Animal locomotion." Milton.


The power of moving from place to place, characteristic of the higher animals and some of the lower forms of plant life.

<-- 3. the name of a song and a dance, briefly popular in the 1960's -->


© Webster 1913.

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