A place where lost items that have been found by people not their owners are held until their owner realizes they have been lost and comes to try and find them.

Lost and Found
Orson Scott Card
Black Stone, 2019

Lost and Found is a young adult (YA) science fiction novel which borders on being superhero fiction. It is listed as YA primarily due to the ages of the characters, and the subject matter is quite a bit darker than most YA books.

Ezekiel has a (small) superpower: he can find the owner of lost items. Unfortunately, if you find something of value and magically return it to the person who lost it, you are likely to be accused of taking it in the first place. This has happened so many times that Ezekiel has both a reputation as a thief and a overwhelming aversion to using his power. An extraordinary confluence of events convinces him to start using his power again, thankfully, giving us a story.

One of these events is a researcher contacting him -- science has noticed that some people have small, mostly worthless, and inexplicable powers, and at least one scientist is trying to study the phenomenon. At the same time, at least one cop has noticed that his power could be useful and is willing to believe that he is not a crook. And also, he meets a new friend, who is mostly annoying but who does push him to try to explore his power.

This very much reads like Jumper fanfiction -- someone discovers that they have a superpower and spends some time coming to terms with it, and then works to hack it to maximize the potential of the power. However, Ezekiel is not a particularly likable character, and the plot is not particularly clever, so you have to really enjoy exploring the potential of a new superpower. If that sounds intriguing to you, this is a pretty good book.

It should be noted that Card decided to pick some particularly horrible crimes for the hero to focus on (spoiler in the hoverover text), but doesn't write graphically about it. This seems to be spurious, or at least unnecessarily evil, and knocks the book down a notch in my opinion.

At this point there has been no sequel announced, but there is clearly potential for more stories about Ezekiel and his other slightly-superpowered friends.

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