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Before there was Deuce Bigalow there was Randy Bodek.

This comedy movie was released in 1989. It was directed by Joan Micklin Silver and I have know idea who wrote it. The cast includes Patrick Dempsey, Kate Jackson, Robert Ginty, Nancy Valen, Dylan Walsh, Barbara Carrera, Bernie Coulsan, Ray Girardin , Rob Camilletti, Vic Tayback, Kim Miyori, Robert Picardo, Kirstie Alley, Peter Koch, Carrie Fisher, and more.

Randy Bodek (Patrick Dempsey) is not doing so well at college and his relationship with Jenny Gordon (Nancy Valen) isn't either. Because of his grades his father, Joe Bodek (Robert Ginty), refuses to continue paying his tuition for him and Randy must return home which doesn't help his relationship with Jenny any. To earn money Randy takes a job as a pizza delivery boy. On one delivery he meets Alex Barnett (Barbara Carrera) who is a jet-set middle age woman who seduces Randy and pays him $200. Alex also spreads the word around L.A. about Randy. Soon women all over town are calling up and asking for pizzas with "extra anchovies". At $200 a visit Randy is making money hand over fist and will be able to earn enough to cover his tuition and get back to Jenny. His clientele includes Kyoko Bruckner (Kim Miyori), Joyce Palmer (Kirstie Alley), and Monica Delancy (Carrie Fisher). In the process Randy learns a lot about women and how to treat them and pay attention to their needs. He also alienates his father who begins to think Randy is a homosexual. His father has some of his own problems though as Randy's mother, Diane (Kate Jackson) begins to think Joe is cheating on her. Still Randy is going to be able to pay for college, but then it all comes crashing down when the women's husbands find out.

Ok comedy, pretty classic 80s in my opinion. A little far-fetched, but has some pretty funny moments. Patrick Dempsey plays a pretty good scrawny kid still learning about life (as also evidenced in Can't Buy Me Love). Kirstie Alley and Carrie Fisher are pretty good in their supporting roles. If you really want to see this movie don't worry it seems to be on cable all the time.

Formed in 1978 this Canadian hair band from early 80s disbanded in 1989. The band consisted of Mike Reno on vocals, Paul Dean on guitar, Scott Smith on bass, Doug Johnson on keyboards, and Matthew Frenette on drums. Some of their big singles were Working for the Weekend and Lovin' Every Minute of It. They were fairly popular in the early 80s then faded away and returned to Canada.
Loverboy VI -- Columbia Records (1997)
Big Ones -- Columbia Records (1989)
Wildside -- Columbia Records (1987)
Lovin' Every Minute of It -- Columbia Records (1985)
Keep It Up -- Columbia Records (1983)
Get Lucky -- Columbia Records (1981)
s/t -- Columbia Records (1980)

The news is reporting Scott Smith was swept off of his sailboat by a large wave off the coast of San Francisco, and the Coast Guard has called off the search, although his family is still looking. No matter what you think of the band, this is sad.

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