A werewolf. In mythology, a lycanthrope has the ability, either granted by sorcery or the devil or because of some sort of curse, to transform into a wolf. A lycanthrope can also be a mentally ill person who believes that they have transformed into a wolf or some other animal. Also, many perfectly sane people call themselves lycanthropes because they identify with werewolves and wish they could be one.

Lycanthropes are properly were-creatures of all breeds - were-tigers, were-sharks, were-bears, were-boars, were-rats. They are all influenced by phases of the moon and some have powers over their small furry brethren.

(Actually, I'm lying: the word you're looking for is therianthrope 8)

Ly"can*thrope (?), n. [Gr. ; a wolf + a man.]


A human being fabled to have been changed into a wolf; a werewolf.


One affected with lycanthropy.


© Webster 1913.

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