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back in the late seventies and early eighties, we had these new machines.

these new machines changed our lives.

at the mercy of abstraction, it became such that a series of numbers encoded on a strip of metal and plastic meant as much as a briefcase full of cash, or the hand that moves the switch on a circuit breaker.

the changes in our lives led to the telling of new stories. stories of the future, stories of consequences. they captured our hearts with the romantic daring of it -- risk life and limb against the faceless corporations that were making existence a complex and dangerous thing, to bring back the truth.

when our lives changed, and we added to our stories, our music had to change too.

this is music for the cyberpunk in all of us, for that part of us that loves the rainy streets and megacities, the technology and the fight for freedom, the sharp quick life... the Edge.

I put this compilation together to showcase music with a cyberpunk theme or feel. It's available as two audio CDs or one mp3 CD, from yours truly, free of charge, though as I'm having capital difficulties I wouldn't mind a small donation for postage if you liked it. /msg me with a real name and the address I should send it to.

The discs can be listened to separately or together; one is lighter and the other is darker -- state::zero/february is harsh, edgy and paranoid; state::one/april is gentler, more ambient and usually sexier. Share and Enjoy.

key :: track name -- band name (album this track appears on)

state::zero/february (disc one)
(this is a story of uncertainty and violence. a gibson pastiche.)

  1. over the line -- the crystal method (tweekend)
  2. the walk (everything mix) -- the cure (mixed up)
  3. closing in 2.0 -- information society (don't be afraid)
  4. panic control -- psykosonik (unlearn)
  5. go film -- covenant (europa)
  6. falling up -- collide (beneath the skin)
  7. push downstairs -- underworld (beaucoup fish)
  8. watching me fall (underdog mix) -- the cure (still life)
  9. dreams and illusions -- collide (beneath the skin)
  10. the name of the game -- the crystal method (tweekend)
    (alternate ending: no man's land -- covenant (united states of mind))

state::one/april (disc two)
(this is a story of meeting and seduction, in the sweet rainy streets of early spring, and of finding peace in the city)

  1. what's on your mind (pure energy) -- information society (information society)
  2. welcome to my mind -- psykosonik (psykosonik)
  3. dig this vibe -- dj krush
  4. PHD -- the crystal method (tweekend)
  5. toxygene -- the orb (orblivion)
  6. shock on the wire -- psykosonik (psykosonik)
  7. fascination street -- the cure (disintegration)
  8. the borderline -- yoko kanno (macross plus original soundtrack)
  9. mirrorshades -- information society (hack)
  10. halcyon + on + on -- orbital (the brown album)
  11. river of bass -- underworld (dubnobasswithmyheadman)

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