Magic Shell is a wonderful ice cream topping made by Smucker's that turns from its normal syrup consistency to brittle when it gets cold. The freezing actually takes a few seconds to harden, but stays very hard and provides a wonderful crunch.

The flavors for Magic Shell include caramel, chocolate, chocolate fudge, cookie dough crunch, and peanut butter.

It has come to my attention that many people use ice cream toppings (paticularly that of chocolate) in a variety of erotic and arousing ways. Magic Shell readily presents itself to this usage, with a few required kinks that are not necessary for other toppings - ice cubes.

To properly appreciate Magic Shell, it is necessary to cool the area that is to be topped off down. This is most easily done with ice cubes or cold showers (though the former is much more fun than the latter). After the area is sufficiently cold, the Magic Shell can be added to create a unique mold of the cold body part.

It should be noted that this will not be the most flattering for men with the aspect of shrinkage kicking in, while on the other hand, breasts become more flattering when bit of ice is played. This should not stop either party from experimenting with the effects... after all, you have to get the chocolate off somehow.

At this time, the author has no experience in the subject and is going from purely speculative imagination. Assistance in research in this area would be appreciated *wink*.

I should also note that the inspiration for this was not mine alone - oenone was of great... assistance in developing this topic to its full potential.

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