A 60s thing, on American television. There was Bewitched, where a witch marries a mortal. I Dream of Jeannie: an astronaut discovers a genie in a bottle. These two shows were big hits, so further gimmicky sitcoms were begat, on into the early 70s, since both shows lasted that long. The Smothers Brothers Show, about a man comically haunted by his dead brother. Mr. Ed: an updating of the old "Francis the Talking Mule" movies; Ed was a horse. My Mother the Car, in which a guy's mother haunts an old car (IIRC; was it reincarnation or something?). The Flying Nun: a nun's habit is discovered to be aerodynamically sound. Somehow. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, a great adaptation of an old film in which the ghost of a sea captain haunts his old New England house. Nanny and the Professor probably fits in here, though I remember little more than the theme song. The Archies, a Saturday-morning cartoon, spun off Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (basis for the 90s sitcom). The Girl with Something Extra, about a young woman with ESP. Did Sally Field (the legendary flying nun) star in that one too?

I'm sure I've left a few out. Bedtime was nine o'clock sharp.

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