Another term for a dog.

A horrible horror movie about a genetically endowed dog that goes apeshit and starts killing people. It has Ally Sheedy in it, and Lance Henriksen, the guy who sounds like Optimus Prime, but isn't (that's Peter Cullen). Good story about this movie...

At school, there was this kid who, despite being a pretty cool kid, felt the need to buy his friends. So one day we were making fun of this movie, "Man's Best Friend", and he somehow got the notion that we liked it. Fast forward to a few weeks later. We took a trip on the T to the mall, and he bought a copy of the movie. When we came back, he starts asking "Who wants to watch it?" And no one does. He stops everyone as they walk by his room...

Kid: Hey, Craig... Man's Best Friend!

Craig: Uh, so?

Kid: Hey, Seaver... Man's Best Friend!

Seaver: Yeah, and?

Kid: Hey, Mike... Man's Best Friend!

Mike: Why did you buy that? That movie fucking sucks!


Silence. Then laughter. We're all laughing at him, because he's just openly admitted that he spent twenty bucks for no other reason than to impress someone who's already his friend anyway.

To his credit, he laughed along with it. So we watched the movie and made fun of it the whole while. Then we took it out in the hallway and smashed it repeatedly with a sawed-off hockey stick.

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