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A meadhall was an old Norse/Celtic structure, a big barn essentially, where tough guys gathered to swill mead and talk great deeds of valor. The headman sat on the high dais and listened to the tales and married off his daughters to the toughest guys. Thus alliances were forged and small kingdoms came into being. Or some such.

If you care to share a deed of valor, please do so. Or challenge another meadhall denizen to mortal combat. That's what were here for, and though we don't officially promote drunk noding...we are fans of beer.

Beer of the moment: Brooklyn Lager, a fine light lager brewed just up the block.

Valorous deed/deed-doer of the moment: That guy in The Longest Day who gets promoted like twice in an hour and keeps running through the machine-gun fire to set the bombs and gets whacked on the last return trip.

Coolest Nordo-Celtic-sounding name of the moment: Hrothgar. Think I might name my firstborn Hrothgar.

Peace is for nations...let the men fight in small groups.

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