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The state in which one finds oneself after overmuch time spent absorbing television or movies. For example: fifteen hours of exposure to "The Real World" marathon on MTV without respite save bathroom and gathering of uncomplicated food products from the refrigerator or cupboard.

Typically features a cranky disposition, an unhealthy intimacy with the couch, floor, or chair you have been occuping for the last diurnal cycle, and a pressing need to bathe which others may comment on when walking nearby.

The usual cure for this malady is a protracted period spent outside, breathing fresh air and recovering from the EM rays that have been cooking your cranium.

Hardcore TV and movie afficionados may think that media saturation is a myth; a scary story to keep the kiddies from reducing their gray matter to mush before they turn six.

Believe me...it's very real. More than a year later, my ass still has couchprints. No Speedos for me next summer.

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