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I one day had the ideato make a shawl. I wanted this bloody thing more than anything else, and yet couldn't quite figure out how to go about it. So I ran myself through pattern after pattern on the Web, getting the basic idea down and figuring out just exactly how the shaping would work.

In early June, I sat down with my circular knitting needles, two balls of black acrylic yarn, and almost 40 gb of music. I started by casting on three stitches. I decided to work in groups of three, as that is a blessed numeral for most faiths.

Off I went, retreating into my mind. Altered consciousness and meditation were the norm, since my pattern was extremely simple. I only increased once every five or six rows, so I had plenty of time, especially as the shawl got wider, to think and reflect.

One evening, settled down in my chair, I starte to knit. there was a sort of shift of perspective, slightly different than before. I could clearly see a clearing, surrounded on all sides by trees of every species, yet with a lake in the centre. A woman advanced towards me, wearing all white with a mantle of woven flowers. I do not remember her words, but they bolstered my strength and resolve.

You too can achieve this state. You simply must let yourself sink into the rhythm of the work. Think of nothing, and the images will come. Solutions to problems will approach and greet you when you need them most.

I'm doing a scrap blanket, just grabbing yarn at random out of my chest of drawers where it's all stashed. The dresser is full to bursting, so I need to use some of it up.

A seed stitch border all round, and stockinette in the middle. I'm not sure how the actual very edge will look, but I think it will be divine in its simplicity.

Bless'd be!

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