Take one standard American church.
Add one ambitious preacher, and a sprinkling of rich patrons.
Mix in millions of dollars. Exact amount not necessary; put in as much as you can.
Let rise until size is two orders of magnitude larger.
Bake using the heat of newfound political clout.

If you are visiting Tulsa soon, see Oral Roberts University for a prime example.

A Protestant church, usually in suburbia, that is often marketed as a product - it is very sensitive to the needs of customers; a pastor doesn't want anything to stand in the way of filling the large building. If you want entertainment instead of fire-and-brimstone sermons, we'll give you skits and songs illustrating the Book of Daniel. We'll toss the hymnal, and sing some old Amy Grant. We won't challenge you to help the poor, love the unloved, or ask difficult questions. Praise McJesus!

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