I, too, have what can only be described as messy hair... However I have messy hair more as a misplaced statement than I do as a visual summation of my overall poor grooming habits. You see, to me messy hair works very well as a sort of informal introduction to people before we actually have to interact. People will see my hair at a distance, and will think that I am, just maybe, an interesting person. These thoughts are shattered quickly once we actually begin to chat, but at least it catches them off guard momentarily.

Keys To Good Messy Hair

  • Firstly, we are going to need to break some bad habits. It is very important that you shower at night, right before you go to bed. This way, your hair is wet when you go to sleep, and as your head changes positions during the night your hair will dry into some entirely inhuman patterns.

  • Another important thing to remember is presentation. I find longish hair (as a guy, that means hair that comes about an inch past the eyes) works best, and having hair too long will often turn the forces of gravity against you. A bird's-nest is still viable with shorter hair, but it is much harder to notice. A mess of short hair is perhaps the route to go if you are unsure of your devotion to your moptop.

  • Hats are another frequent topic of discussion amongst the messy-hair elite. I find that a backwards hat can work wonders, as long as you allow your not so luscious locks to overflow out the brim. If you live in the north, touques are a godsend. Also, if you are prone to athletics you might find that a headband (preferably one that does not resemble a brastrap) can do the trick.

  • One of the most oft-overlooked factors when taking the plunge to follicle freedom is how to wash your hair. It's really rather simple: Use a nice smelling shampoo, because messy hair has a nasty habit of dangling in front of your face. And conditioner is the enemy! we can't be having any of that silky goodness.

And chicks with wild hair are Capital H Hot.

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