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In Homer's epic poetry, dawn was often referred to as "rosy-fingered." Dawn symbolized new beginnings, and was generally a positive and refreshing time. However, many of us who live in this modern world of ours have come to see the sun's rays leaking in through our curtains in a less positive light.

"Middle-fingered dawn" specifically refers to an unappreciated sunrise. It is a mocking sun that leaks in through the cracks in our curtains, drapery, or Venetian blinds. It creeps from windows, along floors, and up 'cross duvet and sheet, heralding the inevitable start of a new day, with all the work and responsibility that entails.

Middle-fingered dawn highlights the dust dancing in the air to remind you that it has been too long since you last cleaned your bedroom. It is harsh and blinding. Forms into pools over your closed eyelids to bombard your pupils as they painfully contract. It is an example of the corruption of nature through societal pressure.

It is unrelenting.

It is the dawn of 21st century epic poetry.

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