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Miffle-Plonk, Thomas (1972-1999):

Renowned pervert, sociologist and plastic surgeon, Thomas Miffle-Plonk is probably best known for his groundbreaking work in Chestular Metaphysics. His theory is formally known as the Miffle-Plonk Conjecture and can be summarized as follows: no matter how good something is, it will always get better with breasts.

Recently, graduate students at the University of Santa Barbara in California have attempted to test this theory by digitally enhancing William Shatner's chest in old episodes of Star Trek. Most have concluded that many of the old shows have been vastly improved by adding breasts to Captain Kirk (particularly when he ripped or lost his shirt or when he slept with aliens). Unfortunately, there has also been some controversy (particularly with respect to a rival group of researchers who have attempted to throw doubt on these results by augmenting certain episodes of TJ Hooker) so the conjecture still remains unproven.

Regardless, the word miffle-plonk has now entered popular culture as a slang term for two scoops of ice cream (i.e. chocolate sundae, miffle-plonk, hold the nuts). He is remembered by his wife and two-children.

(This is the result of a nodeshell challenge issued to me, by iDEATH, in the chatterbox)

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