The military pick was a specialized medieval weapon that was similar to the common mining pick. This weapon consists of a heavy piercing fluke mounted on a standard axe haft. Some will have a second fluke opposite the first one (looking almost exactly like a normal mining pick). Spiked hafts are not uncommon on these picks.

The purpose of the military pick was to pierce heavy armors. Which is something it excelled at. This weapon was especially popular with Knights, mercenaries, and anyone who knew they would be facing a heavily armored foe.

This weapon was an adaptation of the martel-de-fer, a French war hammer that was balanced with a long curved fluke. A slight change in head design and haft mounting made the fluke more effective than the head.

In Fantasy Role-Playing games the military pick is one of the preferred weapons of the Dwarven and Gnomish races. The pick actually carries some religious significance to members of the Deep Gnome race (or svirfneblin as they are properly called), so they use this weapon almost exclusively.

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