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The national drink of Morocco, also known as "Berber whisky".

Moroccan mint tea is typically prepared in a small, elaborately engraved tea pot with a long spout and narrow handle. Chinese gunpowder tea is steeped, along with generous chunks of sugar and a bunch of mint leaves (the fresher the better) to cut the bitterness of the tea. Allow the tea to steep, and then serve in small glasses. Experts pour the tea from a height of 2 feet or more, to create a froth at the top of the glass.

Moorish’s Mint Tea

3 tablespoons of gunpowder tea.
4 tablespoons of sugar
2 tablespoons of honey
15 ish sprigs of six fresh mint leaves

Mash up sugar, tea. mint and honey in the bottom of the teapot. Add boiling water. Leave to stand. Serve with narghile and good company.


First made with fresh mint from the allotment, in imitation of the mint tea served in one of the many Moroccan cafes which at the time lined Hyde Park.

Part of Devilfloss' Vegetarian Cookbook: A Simple and Accurate Guide To The Revolution

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