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Fun to eat and to make, old-fashioned molasses taffy is a treat for children of all ages. Not to be confused with salt water taffy, which is totally different in taste and texture.

Molasses Taffy

Makes 1 ¾ pounds



Combine ingredients in a 3-quart heavy saucepan. Stir with a wooden spoon until sugar is dissolved, and bring to a boil over medium heat. If mixture foams during cooking, stir with spoon around the outside under the cooking surface and if excessive, reduce heat to medium-low. Continue to cook to the hard ball stage (260 degrees).

Pour taffy into a large (about 13x9 inch) buttered and chilled shallow pan or platter. Do not scrape cooking pan. Turn edges to center with heavy spatula.

When taffy is cool enough to handle, pull until it is light in color and hard to pull. Cut in bite size pieces with buttered scissors. Cool, then wrap pieces individually in waxed paper; store in airtight containers.

For a nice holiday variation, try adding 4 to 5 drops of peppermint while the taffy is cooling, and work it into the candy as you pull. The taffy will have a delicious peppermint candy cane flavor.

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