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Molding Mud is a hair-styling product from Sebastian. They describe this peculiar, and exorbitantly priced oily mass as a "sculpting bonder." Beats the hell outta me.

Upon opening the jar, I was hit with this strange, unearthly odor; it was unlike any other stink I've ever smelled. Carefully following the instructions, I poked my finger into the yellow, unctuous solid, and some of it just glided off. Since it was a little bit chunky, I needed to emulsify it in my palm, according to the instructions. So, I placed about 2 or 3 peas worth into my palm, and with my index and middle finger, I shmooshed out the lumps with a circular motion, until it became a homogenous paste.

Applying the paste to your hair is rather simple; you use it just like gel, and simply run it through your hair. If you wish to increase the volume of your hair, a cold blow-dryer will help. A hot dryer will allow you to create 'cool and sleek shapes.'

The mud left my hair feeling oily, and looking shiny. My hair stayed exactly in any position you would put it, like one of those gumby dolls. I was even able to reshape my hair hours later with out reapplying the mud.

Unfortunately, that smell that hit me when I opened the jar, followed me around the rest of the day. The bizarre thing is that my nose didn't get used to the smell, as noses generally tend to do. Just to spite me, I guess, I had to smell it for the rest of the day. But I exaggerate. The smell isn't really that awful, it's just very unusual. My hair looked good for the entire day, and it looked distinctly different than it normally does, and in a good way, I think.

It works nicely on my hair, but I'm not quite sure whether I prefer this, or my good old-fashioned super-ultra-mega hold gel. Even if they were priced equivalently, I'm not sure what I'd use, but at 17 bucks a jar, I seriously doubt that I'll buy another one anytime soon. 17 bucks!

Not only that, I've also discovered a terrible side effect. If you don't wash your hair for two days after putting it in (...it's only happened once, stop staring), it's impossible to get out. I went to get a haircut after not washing my hair since they wash it there for me. The give a really really thorough wash, every time. So when my hair was washed and I was getting my haircut, the scissors couldn't seem to cut my hair. It would be like gummy, and the cuts weren't sharp and clean. The weird thing was that I couldn't really tell that the residue was in my hair, I guess because it bonded so strongly to it.

The jar is covered with marketing jargon-gibberish which is really laughable. "Molding Mud - Street Chic Fiber Option" What the fuck is that??? Street chic who? There was much funnier stuff on the jar my cousin had, but I guess they realized how awful it was, and got rid of it. It still says "Street Chic Fiber Option" though, and I don't like it. For some reason it reminds me of those awful (mis~)translations that sound really funny. You kind of get what they're trying to say, but it's just such a bizarre string of words.

I found the funny crazy jar and here's an excerpt (Capitalization intact):

Street Chic Fiber Option WHAT YOU WEAR BEGINS WITH YOUR HAIR (tm). What's on your body... cargo pants, alternative wear. What's in your hair...MOLDING MUD, the bonding agent to make hair's fabric street chic. Like something out of the culture (???). It's your option. Make something happen with this fiber-forming hair mud. ... Sculpt.

At first I thought it was poor translation. But the company is based in the U.S. (CA), so that's unlikely. Just what sort of English speaking person would write something like this? Maybe I'm making too much of this, but I can't get over it.

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