When you notice that the image on your monitor changes size when the concentration of dark and white pixels drastically change then your monitor has that characteristic of display bloom.

This bug or defect is more common in the low to mid end monitors especially those sized 17" and above.

There is no fix and it probably was like that from the day it left the factory. I am still researching on what causes this annoying fact (having to readjust your horizontal and vertical size everytime you change from a dark ekw theme to a light ekw theme, not to mention when you actually stop reading e2 and go use some other program) but my suspicion is it has something to do with the pixel quality.

While displaying darker colors, the pixels are not energized as much as when displaying light colors or even white. That is why even if you don't have an Energy Star compliant monitor having a blank screen screen saver still saves more electricity than having the monitor display that Excel spread sheet you still have yet to fill up all the time it is idle. Now the display of white pixels require energy and lots of it, energy means heat, and heat more often than not means expansion. And having 1280 or even 1024 pixels expand just a wee bit can make a difference as it all adds up.

Anyhow, this is just my theory and would welcome more informed comments on this phenomenon.

Stavr0 suggested that reducing contrast can help. I reduced my AOC 17" monitor's contrast from 95 to 60 (100 highest, 0 lowest, duh) but it seems that the amount of bloom is still the same, not to mention that my light ekw theme looks a bit gray now as compared to the blinding white light of god that I meant it to be. Thanks to Stavr0 though, maybe that suggestion helps in the other monitors.

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