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I found a sculpture this weekend that scared the shit out of me. I walked by a large phallic object (it really did look like a huge penis - i'm not exaggerating) that towered over four small speakers coming out of the ground in a local park. As I passed under the giant phallus, the speakers emitted a watery, psychadellic noise that stopped when I was out of range. I went back. Again, the noise erupted around me, tracking my movement. I stopped dead under the sculpture. No more noise. I waved my arms back and forth. A quick swooshing noise burst from the speakers after each stroke. I spun in circles and listened to the thunping helicopter noises from all around me. It was wonderful! My every movement was being transformed into sound. All I had to do was dance to create something beautiful around me. It was like hearing your own forgotten thoughts, transformed into something solid but fluid at the same time.

I stayed there for a good half hour, playing and dancing with all my might. The light from the moon was just enough to catch my steps and turn them into sight as well as sound. I stopped when a cute british man passed and asked if he could "bum a fag." At first I was perturbed that my discovery had been interrupted, but when he claimed that the clove cigarette I gave him tasted like "his mum's chicken" I couldn't help bursting into giggles. I showed him the crazy sculpture, but he only seemed impressed by the rather striking resemblance it bore to a penis. Oh well, to each is own.

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