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Flood warning from weather.com:

"Do not drive your vehicle into areas where the water covers the roadway. The water depth may be too great to allow your car to cross safely. Move to higher ground."

reminds me of my honeymoon
quickly grabbing a red silk nightgown and hotel blanket
as staff from the hotel in Cape May shouted
leave your rooms now, there's a fire on the roof

as guests stumbled out at 4am, the firemen were just arriving
the wooden roof shingles had caught fire
from lightning,
shoeless and hungry, at 5am
all of us in assorted attire, only one man had on a yellow rain coat,

a generous shop owner invited us down the street for coffee and bagels
a ragtag parade of strangers, brought together by a lightning bolt
none of us had any money on us; there wasn't enough room inside the shop
so we had to sit out at the corner, at wrought iron tables with Heineken umbrellas,

(early morning joggers and bicyclists passing by on the boardwalk)

dressed as if we were vagabonds or extras in a Fellini movie
most of us still stunned and lacking sleep,
the main conversation was the hurricane that had passed two days before,

the middle-of-the-night knock at the door
as staff from the same hotel
explained anyone parked near the hotel had to move their cars
to higher ground

No one was complaining, oddly enough, just comparing stories.
No one blamed the rain or the ocean, or even the hotel.
When I said it was an unusual start for a honeymoon and marriage,
I had no idea how much stranger the future would be.

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