a fine band on that has released several records thru the elephant 6 recording company.

the members of this group are as follows : julian koster of neutral milk hotel and his partner chris as the core group. these two put out the first 7" record, called smoke is a fireman's friend. It had two songs on it :

please hear mr. flight control and
smoke is a fireman's friend.

the second 7" record, the television tells us, contains two songs :

the television tells us and
freeing song by reindeer.

the first full length album, called the first imaginary symphony for nomad, had a bunch of guest musicians on it. Some of them worth mentioning are eric harris and will cullen hart of the olivia tremor control, jeff magnum and scott spillane of neutral milk hotel, and laura carter of elf power. here is the track listing :

song for the soon to be sailor
1st imaginary symphony by vaccuum cleaner
song of the nomad lost
'pulled out to sea'
march of the father fists
nomad tell us
song of 100 castles
what the single made the needle sing
the clapping hands
sea's song for sailor
the television tells us
an orchestration's overture
song for the death of parents
'a warning!'
fanfare for the speeding bullet
wishing well at caper's end.

you ought to look into this music if you like any of the elephant 6 records.

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