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Beck's third release, Mutations is an album of various songs that had accumulated over four years. It was done live in a studio with his back-up band and produced by Nigel Godrich of Radiohead. It has a much more mellow, slower sound, from the bossa nova of Tropicalia to the steady-beated Bottle Of Blues and is definately not a followup to Odelay.

01. Cold Brains
02. Nobody's Fault But My Own
03. Lazy Flies
04. Canceled Check
05. We Live Again
06. Tropicalia
07. Dead Melodies
08. Bottle Of Blues
09. O Maria
10. Sing It Again
11. Static
12. Diamond Bollocks (unlisted.)

Mutations was produced to fulfill contractual obligations with Beck's previous label, the small independant Bong Load Records. The album was recorded in under ten days, and some songs were written in just a few hours. (i.e. the secret track "Diamond Bollocks" was written while the rest of the band was watching TV.)

Of course, when Beck's current label Geffen Records heard the album, they got in a legal fight over who would sell the album, since the album turned out so well. Geffen Records distributes the album, and hopefully Bong Load got some money out of the deal.

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