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I have no idea how she came upon this method of sleeping. It's all she does now. My 8-month old sleeps face-down, with her weight on her forehead and knees. Read that again. Forehead and knees. This is not what I expected. I've been reading up again on SIDS, since they say to prevent SIDS, babies under 6 months old should be lain on their backs to sleep. She's thankfully past that now. SIDS usually strikes infants that can't flip themselves.

So our nightly ritual of getting to sleep now consists of:

1. Watch Jeopardy! (she loves Jeopardy!)
2. Allow her to nuzzle onto shoulder until asleep
3. When she's sufficiently sleep-warmed, transfer her to crib

Within seconds of being placed in her crib on her back, she flips (always counterclockwise from top of head) first onto her side, then her front. The knees come in, the final adjustments of the head are completed, and she's out. It's amazingly better than anything I expected or experienced for the last 7 months. She's been staying out for 4-5 hours at a time these days. Life is better.

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