Someone a long time ago decided that women had beautiful naked bodies and men did not. Since that time this blanket statement has be unquestioningly perpetrated and I think it should stop. Without doubt, there are some damned ugly men out there, I don't even want to imagine naked. Seeing their butt crack is quite sufficiant. And I'm not a big fan of body hair (but they can't help it, I know.) But, my god, women, have you not seen a beautiful, sexy, naked man around lately? Certainly they arn't as rounded and curvy and complex as we are, but a good amount of muscles (especially in the stomach area,) and smooth skin and I can't keep my hands off. I could watch my man for hours naked, (if I manage to keep to myself all that time) but unfortunately, all this naked men are ugly stuff makes him shy. It's tragic really.
The purpose of this story?? Get out there and strut your stuff men!!

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