Necro meaning dead and polis meaning city.
A type of graveyard in which people are buried in tombs that are put in rows like a city.
This method was used in the Middle East.
The basic (Tier 1) town hall building for the Undead in Warcraft III.

Requirements: None
Cost: 350 Gold
Buildings Allowed: Crypt, Graveyard, Ziggurat, Haunted Gold Mine, Altar of Darkness. Is the only Undead building allowed to be summoned on normal (non-blighted) ground.
Units Created: Acolyte (15 seconds)
Upgrades Available: Halls of the Dead (2 minutes)

Stats: Build time: 2 minutes. Armor: 5. HP: 1500.

The Necropolis serves as the base of operations for the Scourge armies, determining the tech level (Tier) advancements that the Undead have available. While it is the focal point of an Undead main base, of all of the races, the Necropolis is the least required building - it is not needed to summon gold from a Haunted Gold Mine, it is not the only place to drop off lumber thanks to the Graveyard, and is only really used as a super tower (later, see below) and to determine tech upgrades. The base building, unlike the Halls of the Dead and later the Black Citadel, does NOT have a tower attack. Because of the requirement of Undead buildings to be summoned on blighted ground only, and because Haunted Gold mines are able to be summoned on free mines, generating a radius of blight, they are often not summoned at new expansions, even though they should, even if for Town Portal uses only! Best upgraded to Halls of the Dead as soon as possible.

Warcraft III Undead Guide

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Information gleaned from:
  • My own lovingly played copy of Warcraft III
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Ne*crop"o*lis (?), n.; pl. Necropolises (#). [NL., fr. Gr. ; a dead body, adj., dead + city.]

A city of the dead; a name given by the ancients to their cemeteries, and sometimes applied to modern burial places; a graveyard.


© Webster 1913.

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