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I need a name for a certain texting behavior.

I call it "ghost text" but apparently that's already taken. A ghost text is when you think your phone vibrated in your pocket but it didn't. I don't wear my phone much.

So, I need another name for this: when I get a text and reply immediately but the other person is already off doing something else and is not actually engaged in a conversation. They don't answer .... for 10 or 20 or 60 or 372 minutes ....

I don't like it much.

A friend said that their friend circle intervened with another person. The person would text one after another when he wanted someone to talk to. He would talk to whomever called back. When a second person called, they'd get brushed off. The friend group realized what he was doing and explained that they did not like it. He learned.

It's not distracted texting the way we say distracted driving. Well, it is, but that's too long.

Phantom text? Text bait? Toy text? Phish text? None of these are quite right.

I think "dis text" works for me. The sender is distracted and disengaged and honestly, when I get two or three of these in a day, I feel that it's rather disrespectful. I feel distanced. Or disappointed. Oh, so many lovely words: distraught, displaced, dispassionate, disease, distemper, despair, destruction, disinterest....

Is there already a term? Any other ideas?

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