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A genre of music that, while not popular, has an immense cult following. Quite similar to both punk rock and garage rock, Nerd Rock is most notable for its often ironic or irreverent lyrics. Its musical hallmarks are a driving eigth note beat played on heavily distorted guitars combined with a punk rock vocal line, and a deceptively simple chord structure that turns into a deliciously catchy hook. Compare with Angry Nerd Rock, which tends to be more angst-ridden and less inherently fun.

There are innumerable Nerd Rock bands. Most notably, though, we have Weezer, Nerf Herder, The Ataris, and, arguably, They Might Be Giants. Although Nerd Rock tends to be heavily "alternative", Weezer enjoyed a great deal of popularity with their bubble-gum-like debut single, Buddy Holly.

Nerd Rock crops up from time to time in movie soundtracks, owing at least in part to the fact that its catchy hooks and driving beat make it immediately appealing, even if only presented in the background of a scene.

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