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The practice of creating a nodeshell, fully intending to fill it with scintillating content, sparkling wit, and effervescent charm, only to be dragged away from one's keyboard, screaming and thrashing in a manner which puts rabid spider monkeys to shame, before filling aforementioned nodeshell with said...er...stuff.

It's hard, being a noder. The pressure builds and builds until you can barely turn your head without missing a key node, Chatterbox comment, or nodeshell in critical need of your loving attention. For those unlucky few of us with jobs, the crushing weight of our self-imposed responsibilites as critics and informants to the world is all the more crippling. Employers simply refuse to understand the vital role we fill in the massive, Utopian marvel that is today's Internet.

How could they? Their brief flirtation (if any) with the Information Superhighway ended when they were promoted to management, where brutal work loads and inhumane performance expectations are legion. No, we must pity our overlords; they know not what they do.

At any rate, to nodeshell with intent is not a criminal act. It is merely a reminder to us all that our time and influence on e2 are fleeting, nebulous things. We must grip every shred of insouciance with fingers, toes, teeth and eyelids and cast it forth upon this digital realm.

Grip it, fellow noders!


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