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The relative time period of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It's supposed to be the future. Exactly when in the future is vague, except to say that it's in the "not-too-distant future". In seasons 1-5, it was called "Next Sunday, A.D."

Next Sunday, A.D. works fine until season 8, where it supposedly takes place a few hundred years in the future. To complicate matters, they then manage to travel back in time to the Roman era, and finally end up relatively in the same time period as they started, which is STILL only known as the not-too-distant future.

I removed my writeup in America today.

I was the first one to make that node. My name will be on it, as long as this site is maintained. That seems to be more satisfaction enough than I can hardly imagine.

What I had to say there was quite the little piece of newbie banal political tripe. And I love the different takes on that concept that have been added since.

Can you imagine that I've been here long enough to have created the node America? I still remember how surprised I was when it wasn't here. That seems like a long time ago.

A very, very long time ago.

I was shocked by a node here yesterday that said half of your life was over by age 10. I looked at my age on that chart and said, "Yeah, that feels about right."

But out of all the things that I've come across in my doddering middle age years, I think this web site has been the damnedest thing I've seen. I think it's even been responsible for pushing back the number on that chart by a couple of years. I care very deeply about this place. I'm not usually sentimental, except with my family, but I get misty here. A lot.

So, for new users: Hang in there. I know it's harder to find a new node to create like America. I know you get upset when it seems that everything you want to write about is already done. But, think of it this way:

One day, those folks who have already written about your favorite topic will have been here long enough to realize that what they had to say way back then on that topic was so pathetic, they'll remove it themselves. Then, your take on it will be right there,

in First Place,

to shine for all to see.

Until . . . .

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