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  1. A form of memetics that tries to de-emphasize the easily critique-able hype parts of memetics in favor of the core abstract ideas of evolution as they manifest most complexly in the actual and potential applications of design science.

    Memes here are as analogous to genes in their old sense as "attribute atoms" (boundaried entities of effect, internals untuned). Tokenization facilitates a practical digital manipulability and networkability in creative and problem-solving processes.

    The analogy to genes tunes in the abstract evolutionary process of selection according to integrity within a context. in the design science case, the criterion of integrity is effective application to real problems. If it works, keep it, if not, keep building.

    Thinking in terms of evolution provides both lingual handles to processes and a source of analogy to other evolutionary systems. Wherever there is evolution there is the persistence of integrity. There are consequently endless varieties of integrity that are worthy of study and emulation.

  2. The chosen stance, motto, and business name of setebos, aka Karl Erickson.

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