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An idea exists in many philosophies that there are certain fixed conceptual values that are innate to human understanding.

This is in contradiction the the marxist materialist viewpoint that such concepts are in fact a transient function of the society

The basis for the marxist argument is that we are all products soley of our environment, born into a society that will shape all our concepts of existance. If all of our perceptions are a product of society then there can be no such fixed objective concept or objective truth

The definitions of class, religious belief, good and bad, freedom and scientific knowledge are all linked to society and our position within it.

Objective truth where it exists can do so only within the understanding of the society within which it is based.

This may be difficult for some to comprehend in as much as scientific knowledge at least would appear fixed, but the recent developments in Quantum Physics and the dramatic knew understanding they bring to us of what our universe consists of exposes how each generation conceives of the world in relation to its point in history and that to assume knowledge and truth are fixed is folly.

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