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The most useless Finnish verb in existence.

"Omata" means "to have" (often something immaterial). It's mostly used in legalese and other form of incomprehensible communication not targeted at mere mortals. Lately, it has become so loathed that it's being abolished from even its last refuges. However, I have seen youngsters using this word in otherwise very colloquial language - this is just insane.

"omata" is mostly used when translating anglicisms and sweticisms word for word, because it fits these languages. Maybe this is the only reason why some people still use it... using this word makes you sound somewhat pretentious and the expression will be non-Finnish-like in style.

The recommended replacement for that is "olla" ("to be") or some other word that fits to context.

Example: "Tämä henkilö omaa hyviä piirteitä" would be a very word for word translation of "this person has good characteristics". The same expression in idiomatic Finnish would be "Täl henkilöllä on hyviä piirteitä" (literally, "On this person are good qualities").

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