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Please note that some items on the list do not affect all omnivores, especially those with alergies or intolerances.

  1. You can walk into any restaurant and are able to eat most items on the menu
  2. You don't have to explain what your dietary requirements are
  3. You don't have to explain why your dietary requirements are what they are
  4. Your dietary requirements are never the subject of conversation
  5. You can look in the mass media and see people eating, cooking, or discussing food you might concievably eat
  6. When out with friends you don't have to veto restauntants, leave the group, or not eat
  7. When you turn down an offer of food the most common response is not to check the ingredients
  8. You have never been asked a question involving a desert island and an unusual food supply

Written from a vegan perspective. Yes that means I don't eat ... no I don't miss bacon ... what? Why the hell am I on a desert island in the first place? ...

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