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To climb something "on sight" is simply to climb it without having seen it before. More strictly it is to climb something for the first time. One may have spent some time looking at a route. If one completes the route on the first attempt then one has managed an "on sight".

Some people feel that to climb "on sight, ground up" is better than sex. Certainly every move on the rock is unknown and when the climb is a hard climb this pushes one's ability to the edge, hence the mental and physical rewards upon completion are pretty good. I guess that it depends on how hard you climb and how much fun your sex life is. Actually I have noticed that climbers who acquire so's seem to spend less time climbing.

Climbers who are "hard-core" tend to be smelly unsociable and spend all their time climbing. This might be where the "on-sight-ground-up-better-than-sex" ethic originated from.

It must be noted that to be a true on-sight you must not have received any information (beta as it is known) about the route from your friends.

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