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i needed it
                    that is why i watched
                    as you walked away and
                    you took a piece of my
                    sanity with you but i
                    was never much for being
                    painfully sane

aching lines of text that are
not what you would love about
the us that could be but they
are how i... feel? 
                            living a dream

       that is what you meant by
       'falling in love', isn't it?

                  if i could have..
                  one last look at you before
                  she wraps her arms around you and
                  your life ends, terribly

they could never hurt me
whispered over and over
i hear this in my head when
i cry.. i still cry over          you? no..

                i only cry because i believed you
         lies accentuate beautiful pain 
     erased by fresh eyes, honesty
  and i don't need my 
one last look 
at you 
         i am.. floating? grounded.

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