Ook is both the one and only word that the Librarian in Terry Pratchet's Disc World books can say (the librarian being an Orangutang). From this fact stems the "Ook#. Net" programming language, which, although a joke to some extent, will actually work if the compiler is installed on your system. An example of Ook# .Net is as follows..

Ook. Ook. Ook! Ook? Ook. Ook? Ook. Ook! Ook? Ook! Ook? Ook. Ook! Ook! Ook! Ook? Ook. Ook. Ook! Ook. Ook? Ook. Ook! Ook! Ook? Ook!
This example will read a file and return its contents in reverse. The homepage of the Ook# .Net compiler can be found at http://bluesorcerer.net/esoteric/ook.html

OOK is a TLA in computer circles

I've seen it used as "On Off Keying" as a method to modulate laser signals. By turning the laser on and off you create a variation in the transmitted signal, which can carry information.

I've also seen it used as "One Of a Kind" record in the CODASYL database system. This is a unique record in the system. Only one can exist at a time.

Ook (?), n.


[Obs.] "A branched ook."



© Webster 1913.

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