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Out-of-town companies, also called multinational corporations that are positioned, well, out-of-town. A diabolical Machiavellian scheme to fight overpopulation through the unholy curse of commuting.

Take the average middle-aged man who has just recently realized he married at far too young an age, unable to support his family comfortably he slips into a state of chronic, though very mild depression. Disappointed in the fact that he was forced to recognize what a bitch marriage is while still in his prime he slips further into his disheartened mental descent.

Under normal circumstances a person can go on living this drab and monotonous life consisting of nappy changing or paying child support if he's brave enough to divorce and live his life like he should. But the repetitiousness, the insane turmoil that the droll, life-draining, and dismal act of commuting can cause the human brain to experience is invariably too much to bear.

This, one day, will undeniably lead to the poor soul losing all grounds of reality causing him to embark on a psychotic killing spree, killing all public transport drivers, taxi drivers, family members and those annoying relatives before taking his own pathetic, miserable life.

Unaccomplished yuppies are most vulnerable.

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