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The speaker stack is ten foot tall in front of you. The sound makes your chest pulsate. 4-4 time, 150bpm acid crazyness. The mass of people around you is resolving into faces and bodies, male or female, young or old, clean or dirty, blank or happy, alert or disconnected.

Over in the East, the first clouds of dawn are streaked with white over the greying mountains as the stars start to hide and night's chill starts to lift. Reality reasserts. Dance. A perfect Sunday morning. Dust and smiles. The smells of sweat, dirt and marijuana.

Clubs and Indoor parties just suck in comparison. Who needs cramped, smokey, dingy, smelly clubs?

Taking the vibe indoors can only alter it for the worse, and the music that is made reflectes this. See goa and psychedelic trance

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