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Over-unity is situation where a device or contrivance of which the output of energy it produces exceeds the input. Not to be confused with perpetual motion as an over-unity mechanical device will eventually wear out its bearings.

Over-unity is the contemporary alchemists gold. The implications of free clean energy production for planet Earth are obvious.

A key point is measurement. There is more going on than conventional instruments can define, or that the establishment is prepared to accept.

The Internet is rife with examples of the work of Heath Robinsons progeny (and long may it continue to be so), much of which replicates the likes of John Bedini, who in is turn influenced by Nikola Tesla.

Tesla is problably the single most notable inventor of the technology age given that his ideas are evident in almost every single electrical device used by mankind.

Tesla knew about what Bedini refers to as "radiant energy". The term "Energy from the vacuum" is also prevalent. Although this implies that the energy is from somewhere, thus to describe something as over-unity means that it is only apparently so.

A better description could be a gate or channel for these devices that work with natural energy in a similar to way to say how a boat uses wind,(also similarly that a boat will have a negligible effect on the availability of wind) but I guess we have to accept the term over-unity to describe what now seems like a phenomenon but is hopefully going to be the norm.

EBM for example in Hungary are claiming to able to produce large self running generators to order (min 2mw) as fitted to a railway locomotive in the Ukraine, perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel.

NB On a whim of conjecture I wonder if there's anything in the fact that Powergen UK own 95% of the Hungarian utility Csepel

EBM http://www.gammamanager.com
John Bedini http://www.icehouse.net/john34/bedinibearden.html

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