A nineteen or twenty year old girl, two months pregnant, is talking to someone much older, probably her father.

"My boyfriend wants to name him Genocide, but I don't really like that... it sounds kind of Middle Eastern. I want to name him Seth."

"Gallia est omnia divisa in partes tres."

"Acknowledgment that you have a problem is the first step to recovery."

"WAAAAAA! I hate you Mommy!"

"Dude, what the fuck is that?"

"So we wait here for how long?"

"I'll have an Rooty Tooty Fresh N' Fruity. And a coffee. Thanks, darling."

"But I've admitted it, man! I didn't know this would be so hard!"

"Oh Tanner, Tanner, did you make a poop in your pants?! Please tell Mommy you didn't make a poop in your pants!"

"I have to finish this fucking Latin homework and then we can go."

"An hour or less, homes. We'll see a white Nova roll up."

"Sing ees, why you are not using le systeme metrique is beyond all of us. Eet ees astounding."


"There's another meeting coming up in an hour or so over in the First United in Saugus. It's near the old Weylu's. You should go."

"Heah's yoah coffee. Yoah breakfast is on its way."

"There, finished the questions. Just sent it in an email. Done."

CRASH! "Oh, oh my God! Oh, I am so sorry! Tanner, apologize to the poor man whose table you just knocked over!"

"OK, here's the car. The product is under the front seat, so they should just leave the money under there and take the shit."

"We may have inches, pal, but we do just fine. Centimeters didn't help the Germans out. Or the Russians."

"Who the hell takes Latin anyway? Why wouldn't you take Spanish? At least that shit's useful. C'mon, Kara's already there."

"Saugus? Let's hurry up then, guy. Fuck it, we gotta do it, right? I don't wanna go back. Seriously."

"I am so sorry again. He's just had too much sugar. I don't know what's gotten into him! Tanner? Tanner! Get over here right now, young man! I'm going to give you a time out! That's right! Oh God, this is so embarrassing."

"One Rooty Tooty Fresh N' Fruity!"

"Crane's? Alright, the girls are over at Crane's Beach. Dude, this is going to be awesome. Is it in your book bag?"

"Look, homes. Here's the car now!"

"Ah, zere you go again with the World War II business. Enough ees enough! Do we bring up your Revolution at ze drop of a hat? No. We are above such trivialities. It is time to look forwards. The time, he does not wait for any man."

"Raul, our car is leaving. They're taking the fucking car, Raul."

"Thanks, darling. Listen, how do I get to Boston from here?"

"No one can do it alone. We all have to lean on each other. Just remember: yard by yard it's hard but inch by inch it's a cinch."

"Yeah, my brother got it for me: one bottle of Arbor Mist, one bottle of vodka, one bottle of Malibu. This will be the night, guys. Kara, Shelly, and Jess are bringing all their friends later."

"Why the hell did I have children in the first place. Oh God, it's leaked out everywhere. Oh, I am so sorry. TANNER! GET OVER HERE!"

"That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Does everything always have to be cliches like that?"

"You're right, we should move forward. Forward to a future of Fahrenheit and pounds. That's a future I want to wake up to."

"Sure, hon. You just take 114 east out of heah to 128. Then you want to go south, the sign'll say Waltham or somewheah like that. Then Route 1 south, if you want to pay the toll, or all the way to 93 south. It's a little fuhther, but free."

"Lady, your kid is hiding behind the booth here!"

"What the fuck are we going to do now?! They just took my car with the stuff in it. Skinny Mike's gonna fucking kill us."

"They're cliches for a reason, Jen. They work. You'll see. Just give it time. Let's get over to that Saugus meeting."

"Dude, we're all gonna get laid tonight. Except maybe Latin guy over here. Cherish this moment, guys. The expectation. This is like the longest day ever."

"Fahrenheit is ze stupidest thing I 'ave ever seen. You must be keeding me. Seriously."

"What's your name, anyway? On your tag there-ah, Gina. Gina, when's your shift over?"

"Tanner, you are in big trouble, young man. Just wait until your father finds out."

"One day at a time. In Saugus. Jesus."

"I say we run for it. We could be in Montreal in six hours. Let's do it. Let's jack that Volvo over there."

"The party's at seven, it'll hardly be all day."

"Are you asking me out, Mistah?"

"Celsius isn't anything to write home about. Here, when we get the weather on TV, we got like five different colors all over the country. 50s are green, 60s yellow, 70s orange. It's nice, perfect."

"Wow, those guys got out of here in a hurry. Wonder if they're trying to make the meeting, too. We have to go right now if we're going to catch it."

"You done with that? Jake, you? Alright, here's a five. Tip for twenty bucks is like what, two bucks? Two will be good, right? Shit. My bag's all wet."

"Tanner! Holy crap! MY CAR'S BEING STOLEN!"

"What's all zat yelling? Anyway, we don't need colors because they put the number right over ze cities. Zese USA weazer maps, zey are so gauche."

"Yes I am, what do you say, Gina?"

"Dude, you're a fucking idiot. The bottle of Arbor Mist broke when you slid into the booth! Fucking A!"

"Celsius, whatever, let's go! AHHH! Christ I just fucking slipped in....what is that, booze? Booze on the floor of an IHOP. Why am I not surprised?"

"Well, the ansah is I get out at 4 if you can wait. Hold on one sec, hon. HEY YOU THREE! Get that liquah outta heah! I'm going to call the cops!"

"Call them about my car!"

"Book it!"

"Just ignore it, Jen. You are above it all. Once day at a time."

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