O"vert (?), a. [OF. overt, F. ouvert, p. p. of OF. ovrir, F. ouvrir, to open, of uncertain origin; cf. It. aprire, OIt. also oprire, L. aperire to open, operire to cover, deoperire to uncover. Perch. from L. aperire influenced by F. couvrir to cover. Cf. Aperient, Cover.]


Open to view; public; apparent; manifest.

Overt and apparent virtues bring forth praise.

2. (Law)

Not covert; open; public; manifest; as, an overt act of treason. Macaulay.

No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.
Constitution of the U. S.

⇒ In criminal law, an overt act is an open done in pursuance and manifestation of a criminal design; the mere design or intent not being punishable without such act. In English law, market overt is an open market; a pound overt is an open, uncovered pound.


© Webster 1913

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